Goodbye to 9 to 5 Job; Start Blogging

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Most of you must have read the topic and thought that the writer has surely gone crazy. “Why on earth would someone quit a permanent job for something like blogging?”- is by all probability the question running in your mind. If you are good at something, then blogging is the best possible way to showcase it to the global audience and also earn quick bucks from it.

Progressive Thinking

The foremost advantage of blogging is it enables you to think in a better manner and delve into matters of your life deeper with a worldview that shapes your ideas for a healthier future. You might think that you have absolutely nothing to “say” so why blog at the first place. But in that line of thinking, the best way to respond is “there is a possibility that you would discover in the process what you might actually have to say”.

Better and practical writing

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Blogging helps you become a better writer; recording your exact thoughts on paper and convincing others to agree with you. It will just happen to you with practice. It will increase your prospects for the rest of your life, whether you want to write a book, present in front of people, or even gift an anniversary card for your better half!

Your life would carry more meaning once you start writing about it and the thoughts shape up in itself. With time you will learn to be more intentional towards everything, including what kind of a person you want to become and whether you like to see yourself the way it is now. That, in itself, is a reason to get started right now.

Filtering your thoughts and knowing what to write and why

Blogging involves filtering of things since it is not possible to write about just everything that happens around your life. It is a never-ending process that helps you to develop that eye for recording down meaningful things in your life and realise that more often than not, the most beautiful and meaningful things in life can be found in the most mundane of objects and happenings.

No boss, no mess

In every company, you have a boss who stands on your head to keep a watch over what work has been done by you. Now that you start your own blog, you are boss who decides which hour of the day to work and how much of stress is actually worth it. There are no deadlines to bog you down and a better zeal to work since you find your own creativity at stake. All it takes to start blogging is your own computer and an Internet connection, and voila, you are all ready to hit the jackpot!

Apart from increasing your confidence to sky levels, you would realise that you have a life which is important and hold meanings for others as well. Your views can be shared with your audience and your recommended platforms are taken into consideration by them, be it a nice book, or a restaurant, or even a newer outlook towards life.

Written by: Jeremy Carter had been looking for an infographic designer job when he came across RouletteB. Its been a year since and he has loved every bit of what he has done with them. He also loves to paint and draw while he is free.

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