Climate Clock – The Minimalism Perfected

Time and weather – are inseparable [and interconnectably relevant] to all – be it a traveler, regular commuter or lazing couch potato. The concept of analog clock is so etched in our brains that all we need is a symmetry – that looks like 12 “somethings” forming a circle. We no longer need explicit numbers to read the time. We all have witnessed this pattern emerge into many good designs into watches and clocks – taking liberty of not having to put all numbers on the dial.

Well, here’s another supreme concept. Climate Clock – the iPad App has replaced the numbers with functional element – the element of weather! The icons forming the clock convey multiple things – day/night, climatic conditions – sunny, cloudy, snow, etc., and the temperature expected during that hour of the day/night!

Simply amazing. This is usability, user experience and minimalist design at its best. Check it out…


Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta is a usability professional who loves to play chess and has a strong eye for details. He's also the CEO of IDYeah Creations, a UX practice in Pune, India. Vishal is also a guest blogger on UXBooth, Technorati, BlogCritics, and SAP Community Network.

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