Go Widescreen with PowerPoint 2013

by Vishal Mehta on April 16, 2013

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Everything is wide. All laptops got wide screens few years ago, and now, everything is wide – be it TV screens, projector plasma, mobile phones, and even Desktop screens. And why not? More real estate fitting in ever-increasing screen resolutions!



Just a few days back, I started making a new PowerPoint presentation for a prospect. I noticed that the latest version, PowerPoint 2013 created a Blank presentation with size defaulting to “widescreen” – 16:9 ratio instead of standard 4:3. While it was inviting several times before this instance, I always stuck to the standard size – thinking of the recipient compatibility. This time however, I caved. And it led to an amazing panaromic experience – both for me and the client.


I was naive in not realizing earlier – the benefits and compatibility – both of this format. Extra space really helped in creating a much clutter-free and cleaner looking presentation. And the Slideshow experience was in itself better with no “cut-off” black portions on left and right side of screens. Check out the earlier look…

taming-oldThere’s another benefit too – a more contributing benefit to the environment. If you’re in habit of printing your presentations, widescreen is the perfect way of saving paper! 16:9 allows you to accurately fit 2 slides per page with good readability, which is not the case with standard size (4:3) presentations.

Try it out. Add symmetry, glamor, readability, more content to your presentations. Go Widescreen. With PowerPoint 2013.

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta is a usability professional who loves to play chess and has a strong eye for details. He's also the CEO of IDYeah Creations, a UX practice in Pune, India. Vishal is also a guest blogger on UXBooth, Technorati, BlogCritics, and SAP Community Network.

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