Picking a Color is Tough?

Whether you’re a Designer with microscopic understanding of colors, OR a layman just wanting to make the presentation or document look better with some colors, picking the right shades is often time consuming. I mean, picking a color, then trying out complementing colors, matching colors, contrasting colors,…you name it; it’s a chore (and you’re not sure.)

Not anymore!

Devin Hunt has come to the rescue. He hails from London and as part of his hobby and profession, has devised a brilliant online platform for choosing colors.

The platform uses the entire screen as a huge color palette. Your mouse movement “browses” through the million shades from Black (top-left corner) to White (bottom-right corner). The entire screen minimalistic UI concept works completely in your favor, especially if your color recognition is little weak. Through your browsing, the moment you want to try out a shade, just click; it saves the color as a “band” on the left, with the RGB value, and allows you to further explore shades in the remaining part of the screen.



This is really neat. You can have a reference color, while selecting your next match or complementary or contrasting shade. Keep clicking for saving more vertical “bands” of colors, and if you wish to experiment again, just close the bands by a simple click. Taking a print of the screen of bands before you try out another is also a smart way to extend how easily you can work with this concept. The icing is that you always get to see the RGB in “selectable mode”, so whatever application you’re on, it’s just a Copy+Paste operation.

I am a fan of Adobe Kuler platform – because it allows a system and user-contributed palettes to choose from, but when I want a free hand without bias, it’s always going to be “Hail Pixel.”

Thanks for the inspiration (Usability, UX) and such a useful platform, Devin. I discovered this today, and as soon as I’m done writing about this, I’m following you :)

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta is a UX professional, hands-on designer and coder. He is a consultant to product companies in San Francisco Bay Area. He loves to play chess and design solutions in spare time. He ran a UX company, IDYeah Creations for six years in India. His expressions can be found on popular platforms like UX Booth, Technorati and SAP Community Network.

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