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home-btnMicrosoft, Apple, Sony, SAP, Adidas, and many popular brands and companies do not have a “Home” button on their website. Hint?

People ask me whether it’s safer to retain the “Home” button, just in case the user doesn’t know the new paradigm of clicking the logo. What’s safe? With so much hammering of technology, devices and newbies every day, everyone by now knows that Logo is the new Home. Enough years have passed since this has started. And this is one of those things that has spread across the globe (much like the childhood jokes in a non-Internet era). I’m sure hardly anybody would have contacted “support” to get to a Home page from an inside page, without intuitively or curiously clicking on the Logo.

That’s it. When everyone knows; why should we waste the real estate at all. Why the redundancy of the logo doing the same job (to cater to the new way), while retaining “Home” (to cater to oldies)?

Unless you’re someone who’s obsessed with “stuffing it all like a warehouse” using every nook and corner with data, leaving no white space – you have to abandon the Home button. Not even a home icon.

Let’s save at least 20 pixels on each page of your website. Even if there’s nothing else to do with that; do not underestimate the power of white space on your website – that’s critical to a clean and elegant appearance and superior user experience. More so, in today’s era of smaller screens and smaller devices, where each pixel used is precious.

Very rarely you’ll have some element that doesn’t fit anywhere (I doubt), and you would want to make “Home” as a group of items. Like LinkedIn does (It has Home as a dropdown with “Ads” as a sub menu item). But then, LinkedIn was never the ideal source to learn “Usability” from, anyway.

Go ahead; remove your Home today.

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta is a UX professional, hands-on designer and coder. He is a consultant to product companies in San Francisco Bay Area. He loves to play chess and design solutions in spare time. He ran a UX company, IDYeah Creations for six years in India. His expressions can be found on popular platforms like UX Booth, Technorati and SAP Community Network.

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