It’s heartening to see increased adoption of smart and wittier messaging on some modern user interfaces. If the messaging is relevant to the target audience, even in the most trivial interfaces like a sign up form, it demonstrates a high degree of engagement to the user.

Brands and products have realized that it’s not just okay, but it’s essential to abandon the overused common phrases just because everyone knows it. And embrace “fancier” and close-to-context-words instead.

For instance, “Geeklist is a place for geeks to share what they’ve done, who they did it with and connect with great companies and communities” (as on their site). Now, for geeks, the concept of coding something cool (to the tune of hacking) is excitement. Here’s how Geeklist rides on creating the excitement from the word “go” (Sign up). On the form, when you enter your password, instead of giving you a feedback on whether it’s strong, medium or weak, it displays a cool feedback. On some relative scale (determined by an even cooler algorithm I guess), they display the number of days it would take for someone to crack your password!

Message delivered with excitement. Job well done, by the UX team of Geeklist. This is also another small example of Gamification. Check the message…


Attention to minor details are more visible and appreciated, even if they fall into the micro-innovation category. Let’s learn and apply.

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta is a UX professional, hands-on designer and coder. He is a consultant to product companies in San Francisco Bay Area. He loves to play chess and design solutions in spare time. He ran a UX company, IDYeah Creations for six years in India. His expressions can be found on popular platforms like UX Booth, Technorati and SAP Community Network.

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