Less is More?


Have you been an audience to a person who goes about (passionately) detailing every aspect of “the reason” for doing or not doing something, when asked? He doesn’t state and stop at the reason itself.

Have you experienced someone saying/writing: “I’ll make it quick” or “I’ll keep this brief” and then explaining at length on why he chose to do so?

How about a person who tells a “smart” joke and after experiencing a small decibel response, goes on to explaining the joke!?

Where’s the clarity of purpose? I have an acquaintance who keeps telling me that in adverse situations he won’t react, but will keep quiet; and we all are still waiting for his “silence”. Yes indeed, the purpose is destroyed and all that remains is further pointless communication, which wasn’t supposed to happen.

If you want to make it quick, just do it so. If you want to keep it brief, just keep it so. If you want to share a witty remark, just play it. Please do not explain your “less” approach.

(I did not!)

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta is a UX professional, hands-on designer and coder. He is a consultant to product companies in San Francisco Bay Area. He loves to play chess and design solutions in spare time. He ran a UX company, IDYeah Creations for six years in India. His expressions can be found on popular platforms like UX Booth, Technorati and SAP Community Network.

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