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by Vishal Mehta on October 17, 2011

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Every time I had to use a copyright symbol (©) or a registered symbol (®) in my design mock-up, it was a time-consuming struggle. The Wingdings and Webdings are good, but kind of difficult to find and paste without a series of mouse actions. Even more tiresome using these in various web applications and platforms easily – like your Facebook status or Twitter tweet – especially as these platforms are increasingly used from a mobile handset or a tablet!

Check out the screenshots:

special characters

special characters

Recently I stumbled upon this creative and simple website: This has greatly encouraged my personal usage of special characters at various places – because the site makes the process very natural. You simply go to this site, select any character on screen to “copy” and paste it wherever you want to use it. It allows the user to drag a slider to change the size of the character, again very natural than say tweaking a “font size” in numbers. For web designers, the site also allows HTML character code copying of the special character chosen.

The site also categorize symbols into human-readable classifications to further enhance the user experience, while also allowing the user to define its own custom set. You can copy multiple characters by keeping “ALT” button pressed – again a very useful feature.

☎⇧§♡©€✔✎☻☝⁂◑◈✿☂☃ (See, so easy!!)


Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta

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